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News app design

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Design challenge

  • Young readers (16-35) are not interested in the company's current app. How might I redesign the app so young users will start using it without a decrease in current users?

Final solution

  • Based on available studies, our target group can be represented by four personas. With that information in mind and correlation with my user interviews, I decided to split the app into three tabs, where each tab is focusing on fulfilling the needs of each persona.
  • Based on my interviews, I found many valuable insights. One of them is a fact that, for young users, consuming news is not only about being up to date, they also observe the image of our society. With this information, I designed articles with interactive elements where users can see other opinions and interact.
  • Last but not least, reading news is based on stories concept to keep the user's attention and build habits.

My role and outcomes

  • Studies analysis
  • Current app analysis
  • Competition apps analysis
  • User flows
  • User interviews
  • Personas
  • Wireframes
  • UI and Visual design
  • Prototype
I transfer the client's ideas into meaningful solutions
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