The plastic age

Microsite raising awareness about plastic pollution

UX/UI + Front-end
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Design challenge

  • How can I design a microsite aiming to raise awareness about plastic pollution? A microsite that is informative, enjoyable and catches user's attention.

Final solution

  • After studying a lot of available material regarding plastic pollution, I put together the most important topics. Each topic represents one site's section. All sections and information are sourced.
  • Users go through sections based on a specific strategy. The first section tries to get the user's attention. The following sections are trying to shock users with real but sad numbers. Before users get to the end, they get to know that they are involved in the problem. At the end of this microsite, users see possible actions that help with solving this global issue.
    Each section includes one interaction, so users don't lose their interest while scrolling down the page.

My role and outcomes

  • Research
  • Available studies analysis
  • Similar websites analysis
  • User flows
  • UI
  • Visual design
  • Content
  • Storytelling
  • Front-end
I transfer the client's ideas into meaningful solutions
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