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My design process

Are you planning a new website or just wondering how the design process works? Then this article is right for you. In five minutes, I will show you step by step how the design process works and what is the client's role. The design process may vary according to project and budget limitations.



understanding the client and project requirements. What? When? How much?

In this initial stage, I need to identify the end goal of the project, usually in close collaboration with the client. To provide a functional solution, I need to know the client's business and customers. Last but not least, I need to determine the scope of the project, its deadlines and budget constraints. This whole stage is free of charge. I might even advise you not to hire me in case that custom website doesn't fit your needs.


User research

understanding users and their needs. Problem and design challenge definition.

I can't find a solution until I have a clear idea of what the problem is. To define a problem, I need to understand users. This is the stage where user research comes handy. Through user research, I get to understand users, their inner motivations and expectations. Which research methods will be applied depends on the project's budget.



generating possible solutions and their evaluation.

With previous stages successfully finished, I can look for alternative ways to solve the problem and define innovative solutions.


Web design

web Structure, content, prototype and visual design

This stage consists of turning previous research insights and ideas into usable design, achieving end-user satisfaction. This might include structure and content creation, sketching, wireframing and a lot of redoing and testing. Great visual content is known to increase clicks, engagement, and revenue. Keyword-rich and well-written content are more likely to appear higher in Google search results.


Web development

Building a fast and responsive website.

In this stage, I can provide extra value to my customers. Unlike the majority of UI/UX designers, I can also develop fully responsive and valid code. You can get an all-in-one solution that saves you time and money. Doesn't it sound awesome?



Verification if the result works and its improvement.

Did we implement Google Analytics? Is the website fulfilling users needs? Is it fast enough? Is it fully responsive? Did we use at least one principle of persuasion? Is it semantically correct? These and much more questions need to be answered "Yes!".


Promotion and marketing

No website can reach users without proper marketing. Thanks to my detailed process, you already know that all sites I have developed are designed to meet Google's SEO requirements so it can show up high in organic results. I highly recommend to all my clients to promote their website with at least a PPC campaign.

I transfer the client's ideas into meaningful solutions
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